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Airsoft Rules


    •  All Players must register, complete our liability waiver form and view our Safety Video prior to play.
    •  Players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign our liability waiver.
  • Gear, Ammo Specs. and F.P.S. Limits:
    • Barrel Sleeves are required for all airsoft guns while outside of designated playing areas.
    • Dead rags are required by all players to be used to signify elimination when exiting a playing area.
    • Pistols - Magazines out, chambers cleared and safeties on while outside designated playing areas
    •  No steel knives or other types of bladed weapons. 
    •  17 and below are required to wear a full face mask. 
      • Full face includes eye, ear and face covering. 
      • See staff if any questions as to acceptable full face protection.
    •  Full Seal Goggles are required by all palyers.  
      • Goggles must be ANSI Z87.1+ qualified (shatter proof).
    • Smoke bombs are allowed.  
      • Hot burning smoke is not allowed. 
      • Please see staff prior to using any type of smoke.
    •  Non – BB throwing grenades have a 10’ kill radius.
      • Includes flash grenades, sound grenades, mortar rounds, rockets and grenade launchers.
      • These must be approved by staff for use.
    •  BB throwing devices must hit the target either directly or via ricochet.            
      • Includes grenades, landmines, claymores, 203 grenades or mortars.
      • All devices must be approved by staff before use.
    •  No .12 gram BB’s are allowed for use on the field.
      • .12 gram BB’s are allowed in grenades, 203 grenades, mortars, claymores and landmines only.
    • Riot Shields are allowed only when both teams have one in use. 
      • Players using a Riot Shield can ONLY use their primary weapon when the shield is placed flat on the ground, the shield may not be used as cover while during engagement with your primary weapon.
    •  .20, .23, .25, .28 gram BB’s ONLY for any AEG / spring weapons, no heavier BB’s allowed
    •  .30 gram BB’s and heavier  are for sniper rifles only and must be verified with staff prior to playing.
    •  NO METAL BB's
    •  The Feet Per Second are as follows using .20 gram BB’s:
      •  ALL guns will be chronoed before everyday of play,  you must provide an empty mag at the chrono station.  Our staff will provide .20 bb’s in which to chrono your marker
        •  0 – 420: Full auto
        •  420 – 500: Limited to bolt action rifles only.
        •  Velocity Reducers or adjusting your hop-up is not an acceptable method to change your FPS and is not allowed.
  • Calling Hits and Safety Kills:
    •  A player can land on an explosive device(killing himself) to save his teammates around him.
    •  Once eliminated, place barrel sleeve over end of barrel and raise dead flag above your head to signify elimination.
    •  15’ Safety Kill rule is in effect. Safety kills are a legitimate kill within 15 feet of unobstructed view(target cannot reasonably move to cover), which means that the verified target is "Dead to Rights". 
      • The target must be unaware, facing away or distracted when approached(engaged) and in plain view, targets back or side is to the shooter
      • The shooter has the option to fire in SEMI-AUTO or call safety kill, the player being killed has to accept being shot or safetied.
      • should the target turn , thereby not accepting the safety call, the engaging player can eliminate the target in semi auto mode only
      • Headshots and Full-Auto fire are prohibited within safety kill range and can be constituted as improper play/safety which may result in your player card being pucnched.
      • Group Safety kills(1 safety kill to 3 tangoes FACING shooter) can be denied and challenged on a case by case basis to refs, admin/staff.  Failure to adhering to this rule may result in your player card being punched.
    • Parlay rule is also in effect. Should two or more players run directly into each other and parlay is called, the players are to return to their own spawns and retry. This does NOT count as a confirmed kill. 
    • DEAD MEN DO NOT TALK!  Once you are eliminated, maintain silence unless calling for a medic. Dead players cannot relay information to the team via radio or any other means!   Not adhering to this rule may lead to your player card being punched.
  • Rules for the CQB Buildings :
  • There are NO safety kills within CQB buildings.
  •  Semi Auto only when inside the building or inside the 15’ parameter around the building.
    • Full Auto is allowed when engaging targets within the structure from outside the 15’ marker.
  • We  encourage the use of side arms when entering and clearing CQB buildings
  •  Do not jump, crawl or hoist another person through the windows of  CQB buildings
  • Barrel pushes are NOT allowed.  Do not attempt to touch any player or players equipment during the course of action.
  • Other Rules:
    •  Please respect the property on the field. Treat the property like it is your own.
    • No blind firing. You must be able to look down the barrel of your gun and see your target
    •  Do NOT camp the spawn areas.  If you see a player going into spawn, let them leave the spawn area and take cover before engaging them again.
      •  If you find yourself within range of their spawn, please retreat and do not engage.
      •  Exception to this rule; if a player respawns and starts firing from the spawn area, you can engage that player!
    • Verify your targets.   Continuing to shoot eliminated players or referees, your player card may be punched




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