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Playing Paintball is fun and affordable?

Paintball Package Prices for Birthday, Individuals, Groups and Team Building Events.

Bethel Paintball park has special paintball prices for the beginner paintball player that needs to rent everything or the experienced weekend warrior that has their own gear.  Our discounted paintball prices allow for you and/or your group to enjoy a fun filled day of paintball while watching your budget.   

best_paintball_prices_for_the best_paintball_experience_Richmond_VaReserve Your Paintball Group Today.

We highly recommend that you make a paintball reservation to insure that rental equipment is available for you when you arrive to the park.  During peak season, it is not uncommon for the park to run out of rental gear for walk on players.  We even offer a $10 discount for our guests that reserve in advance with full payment.  No paintball reservation is required for players that have their own equipment.

Come be a part of the Paintball Experience.

Everyday is a different type of paintball experience at Bethel Paintball Park.  If this is going to be your first time playing paintball or just your first time to our park, Bethel Battlefield offers many different playing and rental equipment options depending on your expectations.  We are open every weekend for general admission which normally consists of recreational games, group parties and walk-on play, however, we also offer Big Games for the enthusiast that is looking for more adventure than just the typical weekend warrior.  For the most extreme outdoor enthusiast, we also have a bi-annual 36 hour Scenario Game, which entails 3 days of intense paintball fun.  On site camping, bonfires, night paintball games and even paintball eating contests are just some of the activities that make this event one you don't want to miss and will make your paintball experience truely one you will not forget.

For any unaswered questions, visit our Q&A section, send us an email to paintballbooking@gmail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or simply give us a call at 757-488-2501

Admission Prices vary depending on specific day of play, rental equipment packages and size of group.  Check out our discounted Rental Packages for some great savings as well as our Calendar of Events to insure that you reserve the right day for the best paintball experience of your life.








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