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Bethel Battlefield Pricing Questions



What if I have my own gear?

  • All paintball/airsoft guests are required to purchase an entry fee ($5.00) prior to participating in any game play.
  • All guests must purchase thier paintballs/bb's from Bethel Battlefield.  No outside paintballs or bb's are allowed.  Paintballs/bb's are available in different quantity counts.  See General Pricing for specific breakdowns on costs.
  • All guests must purchase their air fills from Bethel Battlefield.  Air is available for $9.00 per tank fill or $15.00 for unlimited all day air fills.  Insurance regulations do not allow guests to charge their own tank canisters on the premises.

What if I need to rent gear?

  • All rental equipment is available on a per item basis as needed.
  • Complete rental equipment packages are available at no charge with the purchase of entry fee, all day air and any amount of paintballs.
  • Large rental groups, birthday parties and are subject to discounts on paintballs and private referees purely based on amount of players and amount of play time you desire.  Please visit our package prices for further details.

How do I get a private referee?

  • Private referees are avialable for $100 per 3 hour increments.  Most private party packages include private referees at no charge.

How much does it cost to have a private party bunker?

  • The cost for a private party bunker is $75 per 3 hour session.  Some private parties include the party bunker at no charge.

What does it cost to chrono my marker?

  • Use of the chronograph is $3 per day but is waived with any paid entry.  Insurance regulations require that alll guests chronograph their markers prior to play.

Can you repair my marker at Bethel Battlefield?

  • our proshop does offer a gun repair service at a charge of $40 per hour, $15 minimum.   All markers purchases from Bethel Battlefield come with a lifetime free labor warranty.





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